error opening documents SharePoint 2013

I ran across an odd error the other day with some users of SharePoint 2013. When they tried to open any document from a library they would get an error of page not found and the URL looked like this….

ms-word:nft|u| <URL of site>/Forms/<library name> |s| <url of site>

In this case, the culprit was having Office 2010 and installing a 2013 office component as well. In this case SP designer 2013. The fix was removing SPD 2013 and repairing office.

Does this mean you cant have SPD 2013 and Office 2010? This is probably going to be a common scenario for people that are on new sharepoint but not new office. I dont have an answer at this point other than to say I had a similar issue with outlook and found that installing 2013 first, then adding back in 2010 components (outlook in this case) seems to work for me. I run SPD 2010, 2013, Office 2013 except outlook and outlook 2010 on my machine and have no trouble. I installed office 2013, then uninstalled just outlook, then re-installed outlook 2010 in my case. I already had both versions of SPD on my machine at the time.

2 thoughts on “error opening documents SharePoint 2013

  1. a quick comment on my own post. first, sorry for using “in this case” so many times. Second, while my outlook 2010 does work as i mention above, i recently tried my spd2010 and found it does not really work, so there may be a compatibility issue there. perhaps it could work side by side but it isnt for me right now.

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