error opening documents SharePoint 2013

I ran across an odd error the other day with some users of SharePoint 2013. When they tried to open any document from a library they would get an error of page not found and the URL looked like this….

ms-word:nft|u| <URL of site>/Forms/<library name> |s| <url of site>

In this case, the culprit was having Office 2010 and installing a 2013 office component as well. In this case SP designer 2013. The fix was removing SPD 2013 and repairing office.

Does this mean you cant have SPD 2013 and Office 2010? This is probably going to be a common scenario for people that are on new sharepoint but not new office. I dont have an answer at this point other than to say I had a similar issue with outlook and found that installing 2013 first, then adding back in 2010 components (outlook in this case) seems to work for me. I run SPD 2010, 2013, Office 2013 except outlook and outlook 2010 on my machine and have no trouble. I installed office 2013, then uninstalled just outlook, then re-installed outlook 2010 in my case. I already had both versions of SPD on my machine at the time.

Northern Kentucky SharePoint User’s Group

We are in the organizing phase of setting up a user group to serve the Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati based SharePoint community. Our first meeting is scheudled for January 10th , 2013. We are still firming up the details, but we hope to have a technical track and a track for business users/exectuves at each meeting. We will hold a monthly meeting from 3-5 PM, with a networking and happy hour to follow. Stay tuned for more details

New blog coming soon for SharePoint Saturday Columbus

My blog has been a bit dead lately. There are 2 reasons for that.

1. A slightly underestimated project has had me busting 60-80 hour weeks for the last month.

2. I am launching a new blog which will have enhanced content to co-incide with my talk at SharePoint saturday in Columbus on Aug. 20, 2011. I will be using the SharePoint 2010 blog site using my new Office 365 account. Time to eat the dog food.

Sharepoint Cincinnati Sharepoint-Silverlight files and links

I did a talk recently at Sharepoint Cincinnati on how to integrate Silverlight into Sharepoint. The code samples I used were largely mofified versions of files I have downloaded from various webacasts and materials I used in my own self-study. Here are the links to those Items for anyone who attended and woudl like a copy of the code.

MSDN Broadcast with Bob German –excellent webcast, downloads available from this site as well.

This book from packit publishing is an outstanding resource. One of the better I have ever purchased in my opinion. a little of my code was from the samples which you can download from here even without buying the book online.

finally this link as a nice module as well

These resources are all you need to get a pretty advanced understanding of sharepoint and silverlight integration. they start out at a pretty deep level. if you need a more beginner oriented approach, I recommend this link as well

Take 2 of these and call me in the morning

a quick thing that I ran into this week

#1-If you are developing in Sharepoint and you get the error screen with the message about changing your web.config entry to <customerrors=”RemoteOnly”>, and you change it for the web app and it doesnt work, REMEMBER that the web.config file in question is the one in the Sharepoint root (12/14 hive). If you change it there , it will work.

The in-place upgrade 2010 version

Recently I attempted, against I suppose my better instincts, to try an in-place upgrade on a small and simple Wss 3.0 farm consisting of 1 WFE server and 1 SQL server with about 400 MB of data. Having read the marketing literature and been assured that the upgrade story was much improved over the pervious version, i gave it a try. Now of course I first dutifully baked up the virtual servers and the site collections and the sql databases. Then I ran the in-place upgrade on the development box. The upgrade ran for about 5 minutes at most and completed completely successfully.

Then I ran it on the production server. It returned with 5 errors. The central admin site semi-upgraded with a broken master page. The rest of the portal completely failed and went down…404. The only thing in the logs was a mention of an API call. I had to restore the portal from backups. Is there any more tense moment in all of IT then when you get to find out how good your backups really are? Hyper-V server snapshotting, Thank You.

So I reran using the database attach method. The method I have always used, even back in 2007, and it has never let me down. Ran like a charm, upgraded everything and I am good to go.

The Doctor’s diagnosis. Don’t use the in place upgrade for production. I have the same opinion of it as Leo Getz does of the drive thru (Google it if you must :))